Why Us ?

Wealth management has evolved from a limited role, which is opportunistic to optimistic and event-driven that led to a more structured diversified and planned science.

The main characteristics of the Arhaum Enterprises(Indian Wealth Management) are:

  • Transparent Advice: By allowing a broad portfolio view with no bias regarding any Product or Financial Institutions irrespective of the earnings.
  • Asset-Goal Planning: Brings in the necessary discipline to make asset allocation work helping you plan for clear goals and ambitions.

Arhaum Enterprises(Indian Wealth Management) offers Wealth Management Services. The various steps involved are as under:

Planning and Profiling

Understanding your goals and what you require enables us as advisor to put in place and implement a plan to match your requirements.

Research Capabilities

Enabled with access to a range of products across asset classes and providers, you will be recommended products that are duly researched, analyzed, and short-listed based on true open architecture.


With the involvement of sophisticated and scientific models and tools ratified by the views of best-in-industry expert, you can leverage process expertise.

Alignment of Interest

As a firm we offer complete alignment of interest, driven by prudential limits set on exposure to fund houses, manufacturers, product lines & financial institutions without biasness of earnings, keeping your requirement at the supreme priority.

WHY Arhaum Enterprises ?

As we are driven by the passion of touching the lives and not just managing their wealth, and we know that this would happen only if we are able to disengage our clients from the arduous task of managing their wealth. This would free them to pursue their dreams and delegate the task of efficiently managing their wealth to us, which is, a product of Trust, because delegation is a follower of faith and trust. This is easier said than done but our focused intentions and understanding of the wealthy families in India and Abroad, have helped us realize our dream of building an admirable Wealth Management Firm.

  • Financial Expertise and Tailor-made solutions at your fingertips.
  • More than 2 decades of experience in premium Wealth Management Wing of Organizations like Standard Chartered Bank, HSBC, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Credit Suisse, Axis Bank, IIFL , Milestone Private Equity.
  • Wealth Management Services based on global expertise and professional network.
  • Tailor-made solutions
  • One-stop, immediate access to information and resources
  • Wealth Management solutions addressing your personal needs and preferences. Open architecture approach, offering you strictly the best-in-class products. Holistic set-up, providing you with optimal solutions from Wealth Management and advisory on Investment Banking.
  • Administrative support for greater efficiency

Arhaum Enterprises(Indian Wealth Management) offers you

Arhaum Enterprises(Indian Wealth Management) Follows:

  • Tailor-made Customized solutions.
  • Wealth Management solutions addressing your personal needs and preferences.
  • Open architecture approach.
  • Offering you strictly the best-in-class products.
  • Holistic set-up.
  • Providing you with optimal solutions from Wealth Management and Advisory on Investment Banking.
  • One stop solution for all your financial needs including Tax Planning, Will Writing and Estate Planning.

At Arhaum Enterprises(Indian Wealth Management), the services cannot be a water tight structure that is unable to offer flexibility to take care of short term opportunities and needs.

While it must have a strategic plan in place, it must allow for tactical allocations.

From Families and Business owners to Wealthy Individuals and Philanthropists, our Wealth Management service caters to all kinds of needs, goals and circumstances across the globe. To arrange a meeting or find out more, please write to us at info@indianwm.in or please feel free to call on + 91 98250 47249.

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