Do’s & Don’ts

DO ‘ S

  • The details provided by you help us serve you better & thus, you are required to provide correct details & keep it updated.
  • Be aware of the risk associated with your Cash Market and Futures & Options positions in the market and margin calls on them.
  • Always check the RBI notifications for scripts in which further investment is disallowed.
  • Comply with SEBI & RBI regulation related to NRIs.
  • Do inform respective persons/entities of change in residential status.
  • Confirm the delivery of shares in your Demat Account before selling.


  • Do not provide wrong details
  • Do not trade in shares which have been prohibited for NRIs
  • Do not trade in any product without knowing the risk involved. Keep yourself aware of equity market investments
  • Do not trade on behalf of others
  • Do not trade on the basis of market rumors. Always verify the authenticity of such rumors. Analyze the information available to make investments
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