Our penchant for managing finances was the very reason to start our own organisation. We always push ourselves to go beyond the obvious and add value to the offerings. Arhaum Enterprises(Indian Wealth Management) has proved its passion, time and again, through its successful work.



Every account is significant for the company. The only people aware of your financial data is us. In this era where information is easily available, we promise to safeguard your confidentiality through our secure data system.



Our philosophy is clear – to simplify the finances of people by making year wise cash flow. IWM’s financial plan sorts your money and more importantly, your life. We ensure that clients don’t lose sleep over their money. We manage their emotions during the highs and lows and their reactions during crisis. Our expertise in dealing with such situations helps us achieve our objectives.



As working professionals or businessmen, people are burdened with multiple tasks and have several obligations to fulfill. We take care of the finances by charting a plan that focuses on peace of mind. Managing money is our task but ensuring complete peace of mind is our larger goal.



We are extremely obsessive about our process which is one of our core strengths. Behind our uncomplicated process lies a structured method. Just like an XL T-shirt can’t fit a baby, we don’t offer solutions that are irrational. We study our clients, their goals, and then create a budgeting sheet followed by a detailed tailor-made plan.