Human life is divided into three different stages:

1. First, birth and education: Normally up to 25 years of our life we depend upon our parents for all our financial needs.
2. Second stage is the working life of a person where he starts earning and then different events of the life like marriage, kids, house, car etc. happens. All these events have financial implications. Everything is linked with money.
3. And at the last stage a person retires and has to survive on the wealth that is accumulated during working life

As the life progresses you are so busy that cannot focus properly of financial part of the life and your financial life gets unorganized and this has severe implications later on. Financial planning is an approach which keeps your financial life healthy and organized.

What is Financial Planning?

Financial Planning is the process of meeting your life goals through available resources in the best possible manner.

Let us first understand this in details:

A Systematic Process: Financial planning is a six step process, this means that there is systematic series of action to organize and manage your financial affairs. This process is defined by Financial Planning Standards Board of India.

Your Life Goals: The entire focus of financial planning process is meeting your Life Goals like Retirement Planning, Higher Education Fund planning for your children, etc. As against this, traditional approach of investment never focuses on life goals. It only focuses on financial products.

Available Resources in the Best Possible Manner: Financial planning focuses at optimization of your current resources and future resources to meet your life goals. Financial planning always aims at optimization and not maximization because maximization means maximum risk. Now you may not need to take that much risk and it may lead to losses in your investment. Let us take a simple example to understand this, suppose you are travelling from your office to home and distance is 10 kms and you have sufficient time say you have 1 hr to reach, now will you drive at higher speed in a crowded area? No. But say someone is suffering from heart attack and you have to reach hospital at the earliest now you will try to drive at higher speed. Similarly, you have to check how much risk you should take to meet your life goals, if you are meeting your life goals easily with available financial resources why should you take higher risk when you can avoid it. All these aspects are thoroughly taken care in financial planning.

Financial Planning focuses on you.
Financial planning focuses on your circumstances and needs. It is customized for your financial life and tries to optimize your financial resources.

It Covers Mainly three basic Aspects of your Financial Life

What Our Financial Planning Service will Cover?

“If you don’t plan your life.. you will be forced to follow someone else’s plan.. and guess what they have planned for you..NOTHING” – Jim Rohn

Financial planning is the process of identifying your future needs and designing a model to enable you to work to reach your goals. All humans have similar goals.. if married to buy a house , vehicle… if one has children.. then to plan for their higher studies, marriage expenses etc.. and if one is working then eventually to provide for a regular cashflow in their post retirement life. While the amounts may vary based on individual aspirations, the need is very much common. Given that each individual has a different need, different temperament, and background the Financial plan for each individual will be different to suit that individual need.

Arhaum Enterprises with its deep understanding of the needs as also the tools needed to assess the risk and temperament.. is well suited to help you in creating your customized Financial plan and also guide you in reviewing the implementation of the Plan through investments so that one takes the most predictable route to achieving ones goals  with a peace of mind.

How Our Experts can help you

Goal Based Planning

        Retirement, Education, Wedding, Vacation

Accounting Advisory

        Income/Expense Analytics, Tax Strategy Advisory

Insurance Advisory

         Home, Health, Term

Portfolio Allocation

          Stock, Bonds, Mutual funds

   Estate Planning Advisory

             Wills & Trusts

Real Estate

         Sales & Rental Management


5 Steps to Financial Life Planning

The 5 step process is as follows:

Step -1: Discover and Define

Writing down your goals and calculating your current financial state.

Analyzing your income versus your expenses, as well as analyzing your assets versus your liabilities.

Step -2: Evaluate

Evaluating the gap between your goals and your current trajectory, based on your current financial state.

Step -3: Develop

Developing a detailed, customized plan for you—GCIA experts will create a ‘route map’ for achieving your goals.

Step -4: Execute

Arhaum Enterprises(Indian Wealth Management) is with you, every step of the way, during the implementation of your customized plan.

Step -5: Monitor

Arhaum Enterprises(Indian Wealth Management) will monitor and track your finances on a regular basis so that the plan is fail-safe.


We’ve all got responsibilities! You may need to buy a family house, get your children educated well, married grandly… the list goes on and on! And maybe after you’ve managed to achieve these basic goals, you can even begin to think about that beach house you always dreamed of! Sadly though, you can’t afford that with just your retirement fund. So, you’ve toiled hard all your life so you can live your dreams, but despite that, they may remain incomplete…

Want to know why? Heard of the saying, “By failing to plan, you’re planning to fail”? It’s true! Everything big in life requires planning and execution. Like financial goals.

Mostly when people think of Financial Planning, they think about investments. Some of them also feel it has to do with Mutual Funds and Insurance. Honestly, neither of it is true.

“Financial planning is all about channelizing your financial resources (income and wealth) towards your financial goals”.

Financial planning is the disciplined process through which an individual can make road map to meet expected and unforeseen needs in his life.

“If you don’t plan your life.. you will be forced to follow someone else’s plan.. and guess what they have planned for you..NOTHING” – Jim Rohn

The importance of Financial Planning cannot be overstated for some reasons like inflation and changing lifestyles.

Benefits of financial planning:

  • A right direction and meaning to your financial decisions
  • Be ensured with adequate funds
  • Maintain financial stability by balancing your outflow and inflow
  • Reduces uncertainties and keeps you prepared for future
  • Enables you to plan your retirement and dreams in advance
  • Risk management & TAX savings

“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now”. We at Indian Wealth Management, care for your dreams and plan ahead to see that money doesn’t obscure your aspirations.

At its core, financial planning is not a very difficult task. All it takes is discipline and religious adherence to the principles of financial planning. Discipline has a part to play at every stage, from setting objectives to actually executing the plans that are meant to achieve those objectives Setting objectives, investing in line with one’s risk appetite, and asset allocation are some of the fundamental principles of financial planning

One more important aspect not to be ignored is considering tax and inflation rates into all your investment decisions so as to compute the actual return that you get – this can be significantly different from the stated rate. The simple formula for calculating the Real Rate of Return (RRR) more precisely is:

Systematic Investment Plans for armed forces officers,

What this means is that you won’t be right to go merely by the coupon rate on your investment. Look instead at the real rate of return.

Other Process:

  • An initial meeting to educate you about our process and answer your queries
  • Understanding your needs and objectives and data collection
  • Identification of your financial concerns
  • Preparation of personalized financial plan that suits your needs and concerns
  • Presentation of your financial plan and answer your queries
  • Implementing of agreed recommendations
  • Periodic strategic review and revision of plan

Having a thoughtful and strategic plan is never enough to achieve your financial goal. You have to make sure of a disciplined execution process. This requires discipline and patience as the execution of a financial plan is a lengthy process. 

Hence, we at Arhaum Enterprises(Indian Wealth Management) make sure of a systematic and disciplined execution of your financial plans.

This execution includes the implementation, monitoring and ongoing adjustments of your plan to make sure that the plan stays on track and we can achieve our financial goals. 


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